What Have I Done?

Jeremiah 8:4-12

My brother and I had been fighting, so my Dad brought us together in the kitchen. “Now say you’re sorry,” Dad directed.

“Sorry,” I mumbled through clenched teeth, staring down at the floor.

“Now, say it again: this time, like you mean it.” Usually, my second—or third—attempt was more successful. I needed practice, and a good model, for how to say I was sorry.

Unfortunately, we have lots of ways to avoid responsibility for our sins. We blame others. We find someone else behaving worse, making our offenses seem smaller. It is a lot of work to confess our mistakes, apologize, and seek to make things right.

But our first step toward the Lord is always a step of repentance. And it is a sign of growing maturity when we are quick to own our mistakes and sins, and quicker still to seek to make things right—with God and with others.

What sins need confessed in your life today? What would God have you do today, to make things right with Him, and with those affected by your sin?

Author: Caleb Reynolds

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